Proven performers

Vogel Ross consultants are proven performers, each with over twenty years experience in his field. Our combined talents bring together the complex and ever-changing worlds of finance, media, and technology. We will help you develop successful strategies and maximise your future business opportunities.

We have hands-on experience in every aspect of business startup and management, ranging from sole trader operations to public companies. We can advise, execute or manage , whatever best suits your needs.

Our consultants have successfully commercialised a variety of professional and consumer services and have practical experience of drafting, negotiating and closing deals in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments.

Being experienced in almost every area of electronics and IT including digital, analogue, RF hardware and software we can rapidly and effectively evaluate or demystify technology, helping our clients to "cut through the crap".

Having such a broad knowledge base to work from, we can think laterally about a problem and evaluate various possible solutions.

Our practical experience of the whole manufacturing cycle from prototype to finished goods, both locally and offshore, can significantly de-risk manufacturing projects.

In addition to product development, we have also developed services in the finance, communications, media and home entertainment industries.

Vogel Ross consultants understand the supply chain both as a purchaser and seller, domestically and internationally, and can provide invaluable assistance with sourcing or selling.

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  • Executive Management
  • Technological vision
  • Company startups
  • Electronic product manufacturing
  • Information services
  • Product sourcing
  • Publishing
  • Product distribution
  • Product design
  • Turnkey technical solutions
  • Results-oriented leadership
  • Sales strategies & marketing campaigns
  • Electronic product manufacturing
  • Funding strategies
  • Product distribution
  • Government grants
  • Extensive industry & business contacts
  • Joint venture development
  • Market intelligence and visioning